Liebeth Vranken

KU Leuven GEO-Institute

Liebeth Vranken On the 1st of October 2010, Liesbet Vranken started working as a professor in Bio-Economics and Policy at the Division of Agricultural and Food Economics, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, KULeuven. Within the Division of Agricultural and Food Economics, she is head of the Research Group Society-Environment Interactions. Before joining the Department of Earth and Environmental sciences, she worked as an assistant professor at the Centre for Corporate Sustainability at the HUBrussel and as an environmental economist at VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research. Liesbet Vranken holds a Master in Bio-engineering and a PhD in economics, both from the University of Leuven. In her research, she is studying the link between economic and ecological models by refining functions of socio-economic drivers that are used to model resource use changes and changes in ecosystem services, and by analysing how institutions (policy decisions and regulations) affect this link. For that purpose, she (a) develops integrative quantitative models of human and environmental systems based on spatial econometrics for the analysis of natural resources management policies; (b) develops methods to valuate ecosystem services and transfer valuation results to other sites while dealing with the uncertainty surrounding the future consequences of a policy or land management regime. Liesbet Vranken has a particular interest in studying the development and institutional framework of land markets and focuses on analysing the impact of agricultural and environmental policies on economic development and environmental performance.

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